iYogi Reviews the Top 5 complaints for setting up Internet Parental Controls

The Internet is a boon however, sometimes the vast information that it contains may be of danger especially to the children and teenagers. It exposes children to information that might not be appropriate for them. Internet is more of an amusement for growing children and they spend hours and hours doing activities that are of little or no benefit to them.  This is where the need and necessity comes, to have a reasonable control over the Internet and Internet parental control settings comes into picture. iYogi reviews the topmost complaints users make while setting up Internet parental control settings to help you make the most of it. There are many benefits that can be achieved by installing parental control software in computer. These Internet controls definitely protect the children from online predators and explicit content. Then there is no need to worry while your kids are online or using the computer when you are away or not watching them.

The latest series of iYogi complaints highlights the issues that one encounters while setting up Internet Parental Control. The most common complaints that users face while doing this includes Content Advisor settings, ability to access despite controls, operating system compatibility, installing additional parental controls and forgetting administrator’s password. Content Advisor is an interesting tool that allows you to block the unnecessary Internet content while accessing your computer. But, there are problems while opening the websites that do not fall under the blocked category. To resolve this issue, you can go to the Content Advisor, adjust the settings and turn on the Content Advisor. This will keep a track of all the websites as and when you visit them. Second complaint is that even installing parental control software application, children continue to surf the web and able to chat with friends or inappropriate people. This can be due to the compatibility issues between the installed antivirus software on the PC with that of the Internet parental control software.

The third one might be due to the compatibility issues between the windows operating system and the default parental control software. In addition to the basic Internet parental controls, we can install additional parental controls features such as web filtering and activity reporting from different service provider within the default parental control settings. To maintain security, system administrative password is very much required. But, in case if we forget or lose the password, all control over the system loses automatically. In this case, it is very much essential to know how to change or create the existing system administrative password. The steps for changing the system administrative password are very easy. The aforementioned points are the top 5 complaints and the resolution related to setting up of Internet Parental Controls.

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