iYogi Scam Alerts: The all New Inheritance Scam is Back!

Fighting a menacing scam is as painful as the scam itself. In their new PR, iYogi has made it clear to users that inheritance scams not only drain your pocket, but also eats into your personal account. Once a person’s identity is public, it can be disastrous. Impersonation is of the least concern here-think of bank accounts and passport details. These scammers are obviously smart people, as the saying goes ‘You can get away with anything, if you know the laws’. With genealogy or inheritance scam as it is called, scammers pose as authentic agencies searching for you on behalf of your relative. They reach you by e-mail, post, mobile phones, newspapers, etc. and assure you of the countless wealth put forward to you by that someone of yours. Once they get a response, they will seek personal details, etc. and the trap set. iYogi has done a wonderful job by keeping it simple and by being up to the point in educating users on behalf of this particular issue. It is advised that one go through iYogi Scam Alerts to stay updated. Read more…