iYogi reviews Social Cloud TV – a multiscreen mobile TV experience

You do not have to sit glued to your living room couch watching your favorite TV program. With Social Cloud TV, you can now ‘pull’ a program running on your TV screen onto your tablet or smartphone so that you can watch it on the go!

Social Cloud TV is an innovative multiscreen mobile television viewing experience that has been developed by Wen Yonggang, an assistant professor from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. The system allows the user to watch TV programs and online videos with his family and friends simultaneously, no matter which part of the world they are located in. In addition, the Social Cloud TV system also allows the user to discuss a TV show or live soccer match with his family or friends by inviting them from phone book or social networking contact lists while watching it on his tablet or smartphone. The developer has refused to comment on how the TV show is migrated to or from a mobile device as the patent for this system is currently pending.

The system leverages a cloud backend for media processing, in such a manner that the same video can be streamed into devices in the most suitable format. For instance, the program that you are viewing on your tablet can be ‘pushed’ to your TV set on reaching home. Similarly, you can ‘pull’ the program from your TV set on your mobile device while leaving the house. Besides TV programs, you can also transfer chat sessions with your friends.

The users of Social Cloud TV can also chat – using video, voice or text messages – with their family and friends on the same platform, as well as share the content they like on social-networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Currently, the system requires an Android app to run on mobile devices, but there are plans to develop the same for other mobile operating systems too such as the Apple iOS.