LaCie RuggedKey flash drive Reviews

LaCie RuggedKey flash driveA flash drive is perhaps the only peripheral device that takes a beating on daily basis more than others. Known by different names such as thumb drive, USB drive, and pen drive, this mini-storage device is thrown carelessly on the table, tossed haphazardly into our bags, dropped frequently, and faces many other such rigorous activities. To offer protection from all these rugged activities, LaCie has come up with a new ruggedized USB 3.0 stick.

iYogi in its review of LaCie’s RuggedKey flash drive found that it is one of the best portable, ultra-compact, removable storage devices available in the market. The USB drive comes encased in a removable bright orange-colored rubber sleeve to protect it and the data stored in it from various rigors such as water, extreme temperatures and 100-meter drop impacts. When sporting the sleeve, the LaCie RuggedKey is roughly the size of a shotgun shell, measuring 2.09 x .83 x 1.06 inches.

The LaCie RuggedKey comes with USB 3.0 capabilities, which is a good feature to make you future-ready since most new computers are coming with this latest technology. However, if you have not upgraded your PC yet, then also you need not to worry as it can work at USB 2.0 speeds too. The LaCie RuggedKey USB 3.0 drive is listed at $40 for 16GB and $70 for 32GB. The storage device is compatible with both Windows and Mac machines. In addition to all the above-mentioned features, the RuggedKey comes pre-loaded with some software that include LaCie’s proprietary Backup software, a password protection program that utilizes 256-bit software encryption, MacFuse. Also, the user gets a free one-year subscription to LaCie’s cloud storage service named Wuala Online with the removable storage device. To keep you updated with the latest gadgets and technologies, iYogi regularly reviews the latest in computer technology. So, stay informed by reading iYogi reviews.