Updated Digital Media Receiver Apple® TV

Apple TVIf you are a proud owner of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, then Apple TV is the best device to stream digital media. The latest updated version of Apple TV enables users to stream and play full 1080p HD movies. The earlier model was only capable of playing and streaming videos in 720p. With the update of Apple TV, Apple has also updated a lot of its iTunes Store catalogue to 1080p for its users to get the most out of it.

iYogi in its review of Apple TV also found that in addition to facilitating its consumers to purchase and rent movies from iTunes Store, the media receiver also acts as a browser to access selected Internet content, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, iCloud, Podcasts, etc. The recently added AirPlay Mirroring system of Apple allows the users to receive media streamed from a Mac, desktop or iOS-powered device and play it on their HD television sets.

The Apple TV is a small black box that measures 23mm x 98mm x 98mm and weighs just 0.27kg. It comes along with a decent-looking aluminum remote having very few buttons, some setup instructions and a power cable. As far as ports and connectors are concerned, there is nothing new when compared to the earlier version. It comes with an Ethernet port, an Optical Audio port and a HDMI port for connecting to your TV. You will also find a Micro-USB port, which is of no use to you if you are a home user. The Micro-USB port is just for Apple technicians to use while diagnosing technical problems.

The other added feature experienced by iYogi during Apple TV’s review is that unlike the previous version, the new generation has a Voice Over feature. The Voice Over reads out the currently selected menu option. So, this feature can be very useful for visually impaired users to navigate the menu systems of Apple TV. If you own at least one iOS gadget (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), the Apple TV is a must-have for $100. Keep yourself informed about the latest gadgets and technologies related to your iOS-powered device by reading iYogi reviews.